"As a Food and Beverage Consultant with over 30 years of Industry experience I was thrilled to find a book that was so honest and truthful about the Restaurant Business. "The Profit Recipe" is a must read for any Restaurant owner looking to make more money and adapt their model for success in modern times. Cesar Quintero not only identifies the current obstacles, but provides Real World Solutions. All my clients will get a copy of Recipe for Profit at our very first meeting!!"

Salvatore D'Elia

Eat and Drink Consultants

"The Profit Recipe is a quick read that provides restaurant owners and entrepreneurs with a short list of Dos and Don'ts with concrete advice on how to take advantage of the current trends in the food industry. Generating strong ROI per unit is key to any four-wall business and the Profit Recipe is basically a how-to guide that suggests specific ways to achieve this by lowering variable expenses, adding new revenue streams that address secular trends, and limiting capital expenditures by creatively leveraging existing or used infrastructure."

Andres Bethencourt

Private Equity Associate, Amzak Capital

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